Waarom Bulgarije?

In the last few years Bulgaria has become one of the most arttractive business destinations in Europe and the amount of companies investing in Bulgaria has increased rapidly.

There are many reasons why so many companies and entrepreneurs have found their way to Bulgaria, but the very favorable fiscal climate can be considered as the main driver. This in combination with the low cost of labor, and easiness of setting up and running a business has made Bulgaria the number one destination for outsourcing activities and doing business within the EU.

Bulgaria has the most favorable fiscal climate within the EU:

Corporate income tax of 10%, the lowest within the EU; 

Personal income tax of 10%, the lowest within the EU; 

Dividend withholding tax of 5% only (0% for dividends paid out within the EU under the mother/daughter treaty); 

Tax treaties with most countries to avoid double taxation; 

As a member of the EU, Bulgaria is a valid and acceptable tax location for the tax authorities across Europe (Bulgaria has the advantages of a tax haven but without the disadvantages).

But Bulgaria has a lot more to offer:

Very good cation for doing business with Europe, CIS countries and Asia; 

Very well skilled and well educated workers available against the lowest costs of labor in the EU; 

Stable political, financial and economic environment; 

Government policy focused on building favorable business climate for foreign investors; 

Stable and well regulated banking system, most European banks are represented (most of them offer E-banking services in English); 

The lowest cost of doing business within the EU; 

International Financial Reporting Standards apply; 

No restrictions on after-tax repatriation of profits.

Whether you want to set up a new business for commercial reasons, or you want to invest in Bulgaria, or you want to outsource activities, or you just want to benefit from the lowest taxation within the EU, Ablisko can assist you in the complete process of company formation and will provide all the necessary services to comply with Bulgarian corporate, accounting and fiscal obligations.

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